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HTML Executable is an e-Book Compiler that converts html into executable files
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HTML Executable is an e-Book Compiler that comes with many commonly useful features. The html compiler converts websites or any group of html pages into single executable files, and ultimately into working stand-alone Windows applications, which literally resemble a normal web browser.

With the help of this application the user can conveniently create unique full-featured e-books, digital publications, presentations, CD auto-runs, demonstrations, Rich Internet applications, offline documentation as well as compact archives for efficient and secure distribution of websites. The user can also opt from three classes of executable files to create Self-Extracting, digital publications featuring an in-built HTML Viewer, e-books having the same navigation functionalities as that of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The application permits the creation of e-books that may or may not be dependent on Internet Explorer, according to the features that are required for the compiled website and three styles of e-books are included in it. The compiled websites are allowed to use HTML pages, DHTML, graphics, JavaScript, text documents, CSS style sheets, animated GIF files, Adobe Flash SWF objects and Flash video FLV, Windows Media Audio and Video WMA/WMV files, Adobe Reader Acrobat PDF files, audio-video files like MP3, WAV, MID, AVI, along with Microsoft Office documents, PowerPoint presentation PPT files and lots more.

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  • The complied websites can contain all kinds of data like audio, video, etc


  • Drop down list sometimes becomes too long
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