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HTML Executable is compiler that will let you create executable e-books
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HTML or hypertext markup language is commonly used in the web. However, it can also be useful to create offline material. This language supports adding different types of objects to your publications, even media objects. However, there could be some times when you need to distribute the HTML materials you have created, and the best way is to do it is in the form of robust, protected digital publications.
HTML Executable is a compiler that will let you convert HTML documents, PDF or complete websites into executable e-books. The program uses strong compression to pack all the elements (even multimedia objects) and minimize the size of the distribution package. In this respect, this application supports creating three types of publications: self-extracting publications are archived distribution packages containing full websites; web-browser publications use the standard web browser control built in Windows (IE) while built-in HTML viewer publications include their own HTML viewer, without the need of an extra web browser.
HTML Executable is full of different options which allow you to create a highly customized project. Obviously, it is not easy to use. You will be making various decisions that require background knowledge. However, I have to admit that the developers have done their best at creating an intuitive interface that will let experienced users create their publications in no time. In this regards, it uses a tutorial style with frequent tips on what to do next. In addition, it provides a wizard that will take you through the basic steps. This tool has a modern tabbed interface in the style of recent Microsoft Office versions, which makes it easier to find the multiple options.
Now I remember a time when I was developing a project that required distributing a large set of web pages; it was really hard for me to that. I only wished I had had this useful application at hand because it would have made my task much easier. In general, this is a well-crafted application I really recommend if you wish to hide your HTML code, want to get rid of web browser or distribute digital publications easily. Let me tell you that the results are amazing.

Pedro Castro
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  • It uses strong compression.
  • It allows three types of publications.
  • The results are highly customizable.
  • It has an intuitive interface.
  • It provides a wizard


  • It requires background knowledge
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