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HTML Executable can help you distribute websites as e-books. Fortunately, there is a wizard to guide you through all the steps because it would be too difficult to configure your project otherwise. Moreover, you can get excellent help from the accompanying documentation.
The tool supports generating three types of publications. If you choose to create an IE publication, the program takes advantage of the WebBrowser ActiveX Control that is part of Windows. However, the source website has to be compatible with Internet Explorer. Another possibility is to create an HTML viewer, which works by itself without the need of an external browser. A self-extracting site, in turn, just packs the contents into an executable file that can then extract and display them on your default web browser.
If you are a proficient user, you can take advantage of the program's advanced features. These include customizing the publication's splash screen, the table of contents and the search engine. Likewise, the tool allows you to use scripts and applets, as well as a PDF viewer.

In fewer words, HTML Executable can create excellent e-books. Fortunately, the program also compresses the source data and protects them from theft. The product is shareware and can be evaluated with all its features, but the created publications expire a week after their compilation. It is sold in three editions: personal, professional and commercial, with varying prices and features.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates three types of publications
  • Supports scripts and applets
  • Compresses and protects the source data
  • Includes a PDF viewer


  • IE publication supports IE-compatible websites only
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