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HTML Executable 4.6.1

It's a powerful, comprehensive and feature-rich HTML compiler
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HTML Executable is a powerful and feature-rich compiler that lets you create executable e-books, presentations and applications from web pages and documents, such as PDF or HTML files. You can also use this tool to create executable help files and documentation for your applications. It can even turn entire websites into executables.

The most important advantage of this tool is its complexity, as it allows configuring every little detail of the output and controlling every little step of the conversion processing. It puts you in complete control over the compiling, letting you tweak and manipulate every little aspect of the resulting file according to your wish. It even lets you control the appearance of the interface that the output application will have. Pre-made skins are also available for you to use for this purpose.

HTML Executable also lets you convert your content in order to protect it against unauthorized usage and distribution. I really like that it can create perfectly secured applications, which prevent copying or printing and let you control the process of providing the rights for the user.

This powerful HTML compiler also lets you create trial or evaluation versions of the applications, enabling you to set up expiration options or limitations and deploy the usage of registration keys or online activation. Last but not least, it supports a large variety of types of source files: HTML, PDF, images, CSS, media, JavaScript code, and so on.

In conclusion, this is one of those few tools that will eventually manage to convince anyone that every penny of its price is completely justified. It leaves no room for complaint, and its results are truly impressive.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lets you make trial or evaluation versions
  • Enables you to protect pages and content
  • Supports many types of files as the source content


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